Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Our Christmas 2012

When I got off work Friday (21st) we loaded up and headed to Batesville.  Essie was beyond excited to celebrate her first round of Christmas with my parents!  We opened presents Saturday morning when my brother, his wife, her two girls, and Haley came over.  There were a lot of girls in that one room and each one received a doll.  It was a doll heaven for sure!

Essie got the cutest little princess game, so we had to play it....

We came home Sunday so we could get the house ready, grocery shopping done before Christmas Eve.  We scrubbed the house down, went grocery shopping, and made reindeer food.

Christmas Eve came and we drove over to Heber to see my dad's side of the family.  We go pretty much every year...have since I was little.  My Uncle Tom read the story of Jesus' birth from the Bible and the new generation of kids played.  We didn't stay very long because we had to get home to get ready for our big Christmas. 

Later that night YaYa and Peepaw came down so they could celebrate Christmas Day with us.  Essie baked her cookies for Santa, sprinkled her reindeer food, listened for bells, and finally went to bed so Santa could put together that princess bike! Essie got to kiss Bobis goodbye...she wasn't happy to see him go at all.

Christmas morning arrived, we had to drag little miss out of bed and she tore into her gifts! 

After presents, it really started sleeting and freezing outside and it didn't take long before it started to snow.  We had our first WHITE CHRISTMAS!  We began cooking our big Christmas dinner and we ate while watching the snow softly fall outside...magical.

We had a wonderful Christmas together...even though we were missing Meemaw terribly.  We had a blessed time with the ones we love most!

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