Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Bobis and Advent

Soon after Thanksgiving Wrapped up, Bobis arrived.  He had a North Pole Breakfast prepared for Essie when she woke up (she had a terrible rash that morning from her new jammies).  She was so beyond excited to meet him again and fell in love with finding him every single morning.  We did a much better job this year with him and he found all kinds of fun trouble to get into!  He brought her surprises and treats all the time. 

Another new tradition this year was we put the Advent calendar Meemaw made last year  to good use.  We are so thankful that she made it for us.  We hung in down low in the kitchen and Essie loved looking at it and counting the tags before December.  Once December arrived, the fun began.  Each day she got to turn over the tag on the tree.  Each day held a small treat and an activity for us.  Our activities ranged from baking cookies to gingerbread house decorating to Grinch parties to looking at Christmas lights.  She loved it and looked forward each day to our fun activity.  It did take some plannin and prep on our end but we cherish those fun moments with her! I cannot wait to do it all over again next Christmas.

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