Monday, January 14, 2013

Jumpzone & the end of break

Our Christmas break came to a close t..I went back to work and Essie back to school.Essie woke up so happy last Monday morning that we went to McDonalds so she could eat some sausage.  She thought she was top dog getting to go IN to eat first thing this morning! :)

  We ended up having a lot of fun last week once I started feeling well again.  Thursday, we went to the Jumpzone.  It took E awhile to warm up to it but soon she was climbing, jumping, and playing like a maniac.  She made some new friends to play with.  I was blown away with her social skills..she wasn't shy about approaching other kids to ask them their name or if they wanted to play.  I  was so proud of my girlie.  Afterwards we went to McDonalds for a girl's lunch. 

Friday we drove down to Little Rock so Essie could visit daddy at work and see the calendar she made him for Christmas.  She wanted to make sure it was hanging up like he said it would be.  We went to lunch with daddy and went to the Wonderplace to play awhile.  Once he got off work, we met at YaYa's and E decided she wanted to have a sleepover with her YaYa.  So we ran to Target to get some pjs and Travis and I had a late anniversary dinner at the Flying yummy!  When we went back to LR to pick her up on Saturday, we went to visit the Museum of Discovery again.   She was so excited to show me everything!

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