Monday, April 11, 2011

Open House and the Easter Bunny

Yesterday we had our first open house. We had three families come through and I felt like 2 were very interested. Today I had another showing and I felt like they were very interested as well. We will just have to see how that all plays out!

Once we got Essie from my parents we took her to the mall to have her picture made with the Easter Bunny. Last year she was adorable...

We knew she wouldn't be all for it so we've been talking her up to it and showing her picture from last year. Well...she flipped OUT. Like totally. Screamed so loud I'm sure it could be heard anywhere in the store. I didn't get my favorite pic (she was literally jumping off the bunny's lap) but this is the one we got.

Tomorrow we have our annual Easter pics with the live bunnies...that didn't go so well last year so I'm not holding onto hope for this year either! Here's a flashback to last year's pictures! Hahaha!

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