Wednesday, April 13, 2011

21 Months...

Guess who's 21 months old??? (a week ago)

Essie you are a other word to express you right now.  I feel as if you are racing full force toward the terrible twos right now. The majority of our day is spent with you whining or fussing right now. You are all about testing your limits and mine as well.

On the flipside you are seriously loving too. You give lots of hugs and kisses everyday. Other than your little "attitude" here is what is going on right now:
  • You are wearing size 2t mainly, size 5-6 shoes, and size 4 diapers. I have no idea how much you weight or how tall you are!
  • You love to color. You color every single day!
  • You have found such a love for the movie Tanled and have quickly  become obsessed with princesses especially Rapunzel.
  • You love to eat fruit and cheese. You can eat 3 clementines at once even.
  • You say "otay" and I love it. You have different expressions with it.
  • You LOOOOVe your kidermusik class which you call "jing jang".
  • You have began to tease me by callling me "Deena" or "nana" or "Meemaw". You think it's really funny to call me the wrong name.
  • You say "thank you" 100 times a day! Over and Over and are a diva with manners for sure!
  • You are becoming more like to feed yourself, change your clothes, and even put on your own shoes!
  • You do NOT like having your diaper changed at ALL!

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