Saturday, April 9, 2011

Gettin' Ready

Friday we had our big dinosaur exhibit in the classroom...we had 7 classes come through and then the parents came through so it was a very busy, exhausting day but it was a lot of fun!

That day we also had a "spa" set up in the building for the teachers as a celebration of the end of testing! They had stuff for hand scrubs, lip scrubs, arm massages, scalp massages, heat wraps, detox facials, etc. Here a few pics of the first grade girls hanging out...they are not the best...they were taken on my friend Mandi's phone!

Friday night Essie got to go to Kindermusik Parent's Night out! She was there from 6-9 so Travis and I could have a date night! We ran a few errands and ate sushi. Essie seemed to have a complete and total blast!

And then this morning we met my parents in newport so they could take her so we could spend the weekend cleaning and getting ready to show our house on sunday. So we've spent this whole day so far doing just that and we are far from done! whew!

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