Thursday, April 21, 2011

Easter basket, stickers, burrito, gymnastics, and chuck e. cheese

Yesterday my parents came down to give Essie her Easter basket....she was thrilled to see them and loved her candy and Tangled baby doll. That doll is going everywhere with us I'm for sure. Afterwards we went out to eat at Cracker Barrell and they went home...much to Essie's disappointment.

I gave her a bath and she got into some Elmo stickers....

This morning I stopped by Sonic to get some breakfast on our way to daycare and I got Essie one of their little breakfast burritos...she was beyond thrilled with her "big girl" breakfast and ate almost the whole thing!

Today we had a busy day in that we were supposed to go to a free preview class of gymnastics and then it was Chuck E. Cheese fundraiser night for my school. And one of my students (who is very dear to me) was having a hard time with his momma's new baby (that she had yesterday). He was sad that he wasn't going to get to go to Chuck E. Cheese tonight since his momma was still in the hospital. So I called her to ask permission to take him home with me so he could go with us. She gladly said yes so sweet little Ka'Veon came home with me! Essie was so excited and kept calling him "A.V.". He was so excited...he even went to gymastics with us. At gymnastics it was just Essie and another little girl whose momma teaches with me. Essie wasn't so sure at first but soon fell in love. She stretched (sorta), hung on the bars (sorta), walked on the balance beam (sorta) and did a forward roll.  But her favorite thing to do was the trampoline. She was so funny and even did a seat drop! I couldn't believe it! She also loved the bouncy floor and tried copying the older girls' moves.

Then we went to Chuck E. Cheese to play and eat some pizza! She and Kaveon both had a blast!

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