Sunday, April 17, 2011

Girls Night, Career Fair, Carnival, etc.

Thursday night I went out with the girls from work. Essie and Sarah's lil one Cooper stayed with another friend. It was so much fun to relax and be able to enjoy a meal for once! We ended up spending over three hours eating and chatting!

Friday we loaded up and headed to Little Rock to pick up Travis then we headed down to Pine Bluff. Saturday mornging we got up and Travis and I drove to Little Rock since I had a career fair to go to. Travis' parents kept Essie while we were gone. I was able to get two preinterviews set up but it was crazy crowded and I had to stand in line to speak to each district...not a good sign. Then that afternoon we drove down to Star City since they were having their Star Daze festival. 

Then this morning we went to church in Pine Bluff and then to lunch before heading home again!

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