Sunday, March 6, 2011

Why you shouldn't climb on highchairs...

Essie has a bad habit of climbing and lately she wants to try and climb into her highchair.  This morning she was hungry and asking to "eat".  While Travis was getting her something she apparently tried to climb on into her highchair and it flipped over on top of her and hit her in the eye.  It immediately was blue and swollen and bloody. I called our pediatrician's emergency line to see what we should do.  She said we should take her to emergency room since it was an injury near her eye. We weren't even dressed or showered yet so we threw some clothes on, some snacks into a bag and headed out.  Travis remembered that the afterhours clinic was open and we would probably get in quicker (and for cheaper) so we went there.  The doctor looked at her and said it was just her eyelid...thankfully! We were to watch her and keep her hands off of it and that it would make an awful shiner. Bless her heart...she looks so sad.  Her little eye just looks awful!

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Jennifer said...

Ouch ouch and ouch! Bless her little heart.

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