Friday, March 25, 2011

spring break part #3

I had an awful night last night. My sinuses are really bad right now.  I don't know if it's allergies or a cold but I couldn't sleep all night.  It didn't help that my child is half rolly poly and is everywhere in the bed. This morning we had a craft day...I worked on making some Elmo bows for Essie to wear to Sesame Street Live and she painted.

We took a lovely 2 hour nap and then Essie at a big lunch of PB&J, oranges, applesauce, and grapes. She gets more on her than she eats.

Then it was bathtime and we baked a cake for daddy since he's coming home tonight.  I asked her what she wanted to put on the cake she said "E". So that's what we did. Essie got bored with the cake so I gave her an activity to do. I filled one bowl with ice water and gave her a spoon to transfer the icecubes to the other bowl.  She actually liked it and it kept her busy. Then she started eating the ice cubes and we had to pick it up.

Now we've got supper in the oven waiting on daddy to come home!

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