Monday, September 29, 2008

Birthday Invitation

I just finished making my niece, Haley's, birthday invitation. It's my first real photoshop creation! I had a blast making this one!


This evening, our doorbell rang. At the door was a police officer who says that a neighbor has been calling them about our dogs' barking at night. They had received "several complaints". Seriously??? Okay, here's the deal. We have a doggie door that allows the pups to go out freely while we are home. We don't allow them to go out during the day when we are at work or while we sleep at night. And if by chance they bark, Travis always goes outside and gets them and then blocks the doggie door. We take EXTRA precautions to prevent them from disturbing our neighbors. But they are dogs and we WANT them to bark if there is something out of the ordinary. But come on! Our dogs never bark for an extended amount of time. I hate that we have sorry ass neighbors who have nothing better to do than disturb the police department with petty complaints. I mean, look at these faces...who can call the cops on them???

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Look What We Got!

A trip to b-town isn't complete without a stop at the factory return outlet. We found this great dresser/changer combo there! It's a discontinued model from jc penney so we got a heck of a deal on it (50% off)! We almost bought a crib but changed our mind at the last minute. And for those of you who are wondering...we aren't pregnant...well at least won't know for a few weeks! But we're planning on it very it doesn't hurt to plan ahead!

the rock wall

Haley HAD to try the rock wall this time. Last year we wouldn't let her so this year we decided she could try. She was still so little! We were quite nervous about it but she was determined. She waited patiently in line (very rare for her), got strapped into the harness, and started to climb! She got halfway up! We couldn't believe it! The rocks were a little too far apart for her to reach and then she looked down. At that point she just let go and started to repel down. The crowd around was cheering for her and she was so proud of herself! I can't believe what a brave little one she is!

Future Fuel Picnic

This weekend also happened to be the Future Fuel family picnic in Batesville. My dad's worked there forever (it used to be Eastman) and we've gone the last few years. Haley always has such a great time!!! She was super pumped to hear we were going again. She wanted to do a little of everything but her main goal was the rock wall. I'll post another entry about the rock was quite an experience! She got her face painted, did the big slide, lots of bouncy toys, petting zoo, rode a pony, and even attempted the bungee run. She wasn't quite big enough for the bungee run so uncle Trav had to jump in to help!

Painting Pottery

While in Batesville, my friend Julie called and wanted to get her girls and Haley together to paint some pottery. They had such a fun time and did a great job!

Weekend in Batesville

Travis and I went to Batesville this weekend because we wanted to go to the Batesville/Nettleton football game. So we went to the game Friday night & left at halftime because the Pioneers were up by so much! It's so wierd to go back to high school expecting to see people you know...we didn't see anyone we knew. Except for some kiddos who were in our afterschool program back in the day. They're in high school now. Craziness!!!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Office Party

Travis & I are obsessed with "The Office". There are also several girls at work who are fans of the show so I thought I would have a party for the season premiere. They hadn't seen our house since it finished so it was a good time to take care of both. No many girls were able to come but we ended up having such a great time! The show was great...we laughed so hard the entire time! I had so much fun that I had to do some funny photoshopping afterward!

Front Porch...done

We finally got our front porch decorated completely. We bought these stars at a little florist here in town. I thought they were cute...they definately add a little sparkle!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


I couldn't pass this up. Breaking news!!! "Clay is gay" splattered across the internet. Oh come-on tell me you didn't roll your eyes and this one. Big shocker! I haven't picked my jaw off the floor yet.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Season Premieres!!!

Yay! Our favorite shows are starting again. A week full of premieres!!!

Stop! Shop & Stroll Craft Fair

A bunch of us girls are getting together to sell our handmade/custom gifts/ baby items, etc. There is going to be such cute stuff should definately check it out! It's October 18th from 9:00 -3:00 at Highland Drive Baptist Church. Come & Check it Out!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

finally some landscaping!

We have been so lazy when it comes to landscaping our yard. We've just not been up to it yet. We realized that we're quickly running out of time to plant this year so we forced ourselves to go to the nursery and pick some stuff up. Travis worked all day yesterday to clear off the weeds on the hillside and put some crape myrtles in. Then today he's worked on putting some of our other stuff in. We bought some huge burning bushes (they turn blood red in the fall), wintergreen boxwood, encore azaleas, privets, and lorapetalum. We even filled our mailbox planter! The landscaping sure dresses up the front of the house!!!




Wintergreen Boxwood

Burning Bush (my favorite)

normal & not normal

Normal...Beth and I sport the same Red Wolves shirt the other day...

Not Normal...we had a blast playing with her Mac the other day. That thing is fun! Beth has to be one of the funniest people I've ever met! :)

Saturday, September 20, 2008

These are a few of my Halloween things...

I have NEVER really decorated for Halloween. Our old house wasn't big enough. We pretty much only decorated our front porch. So I was super pumped about decorating this year! I've made several things...

I saw a wreath like this one at Pier 1. I made my own out of black & orange boas that were 1/2 off at Hobby Lobby. Then I bought some 1/2 price ribbon and styrofoam wreath forms. It ended up costing about $12 per wreath!

I got this candle holder & candle at Hobby Lobby 1/2 off a while back. The plates are from cracker barrell. I just added some candy corn. It sits on our breakfast table.

I bought these tiny jacks at Target. I thought they would look cute on candle holders. They even light up! They're on our dining table.

I bought these spiders at Pier 1 and hung them with orange ribbon from our front porch lights.

We found these headless bodies at Target and had to get them! We put some old jacks on top and they'll sit on our porch. We're still working on our porch...I'll post completed pictures later.

This is just a jack I got at Target...he's sitting on a base of fake fall flowers that I made last year. I have one in each corner of our porch.
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