Thursday, July 11, 2013

Essie's 4th Birthday!

We tried so hard to make Essie's birthday as special as possible.  She woke up to a decorated breakfast table and cupcakes for breakfast!  She had a special birthday outfit with a unicorn (gasp!) on it, new jewelry, and an Ariel doll. 

After breakfast we got ready and headed to Little Rock to eat lunch.  We met daddy at Purple Cow and Essie was treated like a queen.  Our waiter was amazing and brought her purple ice cream with a candle!  She made her birthday wish...for more squinkies, ha!

Afterwards she and I went to the Museum of Discovery for the afternoon and she got to play for a few hours. 

We then met daddy again and went to Build a Bear so she could make her annual birthday bear.  She chose a pink princess bear, of course.  She named her "Princess Crown 4".

We wrapped the night up with dinner with PeePaw, Nate, and Kennedy at All Aboard.

Overall, I think Essie had a blast.

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