Wednesday, July 10, 2013

4 years old...

FOUR! You are FOUR! Unbelievable.  You are so much fun right now and are truly a little girl now.  You are beyond excited to be four now.
  • You weigh 36 pounds and are 40.5 inches tall.  You've gained 5 pounds and 3.5 inches since your 3rd birthday!
  • You are still princess obsessed-Ariel is your favorite right now.  You love mermaids in general in fact.
  • You play "talking toys" and we LOVE to listen to you.  You are very imaginative and get lost in your own little world. 
  • Your "Essie-isms" still make us laugh.  You say "bember" for remember, "wash'n'clean" for washing machine, "extraditioner" for conditioner, "bosquitos" for mosquitos, etc.
  • You are moved past your twirly skirt days and now are more open to wear different clothes.  You prefer dresses, leggings, and t-shirts, though.
  • You love to watch tv...Disney Junior is your favorite (especially Jake & the Neverland Pirates, Sofia, and Doc McStuffins).
  • You love to go to the movies and will eat a tub of popcorn. 
  • You love school and your friends.
  • You are taking gymnastics, just finished swim lessons, and will start dance again soon.
  • You know most of your letters and numbers.  You are an awesome counter and are starting simple addition.  You can write your first and last name, MOM, DAD, and you try to write notes to us.
  • You love to sing and make up silly songs.
  • You have an impeccable memory and remember every single little detail about everything.
  • You are becoming a picky eater and that stresses mommy and daddy out sometimes.
  • You are full of questions and drive us crazy at times.
  • You are the love of our lives and we enjoy you more and more each day. 

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