Thursday, July 11, 2013

Doc McStuffins Birthday Party

Essie has really fallen in love with Doc McStuffins over the past year.  I agree that it's a very cute show and so it was easy for her to decide to do a Doc party at school.  I made simple invitations on 4x6 photo paper...I had MPix print them for next to nothing.

 The majority of my prep was spent on the favor bags.  I bought simple colored bags at HobLob, added a Doc bandage to the front, and was ready to go.  Each kiddie got a homemade stethoscope (made out of felt, ribbon, and Dollar Tree headbands) cost was under $8.00 for 18 of them!

Each child also got a Dr Id Badge (these were the surprise hit of the party), velcro/felt bandaids, and cotton balls.

A check-up is not complete without a clipboard (made by glueing cardstock in layers and adding a clip) with check-up sheets.

Each child at school brought a stuffie for the check-up...some of the kids were adorable by already having illness/injuries to their animals.  We passed out favor bags and each child gave their animal a check-up.  It was adorable to watch.

Afterwards, the Essie opened presents and ate cupcakes!

We always have party guests sign a themed Golden cute are these signatures.

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