Saturday, July 14, 2012

Snugglebug Birthday Party

Since Essie turned 3, I guess she got to have THREE parties, right? She had her final one Friday at her new school, Snugglebugs.  They really do birthdays there and it was just about the cutest thing ever.  She was the STAR student all week and got to bring pictures to share.  She also got to be the special helper.  On Fridays they take the kiddos to gymnastics so she was gone while I set up.  It was sweet seeing her running in so excited. 

The kiddos sat on the carpet and Essie called them to wash hands. 

Then they sang Happy Birthday like 3 times and ate  purple cupcakes.

Then everyone went back to the carpet.  I read a book to the kiddos (Tangled of course) and she opened gifts.  It was so sweet that each child brought their gift to her and said "Happy Birthday".  She was overwhelmed with sweet gifts! 

Afterwards she chose to come home with me and we went to a special lunch together!  I am so glad that Essie has an amazing place to spend time at each day.  Snugglebugs has been a pure blessing to us!

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