Monday, July 9, 2012

3 year old...

Wow, are THREE YEARS OLD! I just cannot believe it.  You are transitioning from toddler to actual little girl.  I just cannot believe it...cannot wrap my head around how grown you are now.  This past year has dealt us all so many changes.  We have lived in three different houses and two towns.  You have been in three different daycares.  You have handled all our change like a champ.  Here is what you are up to these days as a BIG THREE YEAR OLD!
  • You weigh 31 pounds and are 37 inches tall.  Since your 2nd birthday you have gained 6 pounds and 3 inches! 
  • You are currently taking gymnastics, ballet & tap, and swim lessons.  You are a busy girl but love every minute of your activities.
  • You love to sing. 
  • You are all about princesses and got to meet almost all of them at DisneyWorld last month.
  • You went to DisneyWorld and the beach for the first time!
  • You are full of "Essie-isms".  You say "last day" for yesterday which we LOVE.  "edgie" for wedgie, etc.
  • You say "mommy is mean" when you are angry at me. 
  • You have picked up a few "choice" words that we are working on weeding our of your vocabulary. 
  • You know all your ABCs, can count to 20, know your full name and birthday.  You can write the E from your name and we are working on the rest.
  • You are obsessed with purple and sausage biscuits.
  • You are little miss independent.  You want to do everything for yourself. 
  • You ONLY want to wear twirly (tutu) skirts and we battle everyday when it's time to get dressed.
  • You can still throw a tantrum at times but are getting easier to reason with.
  • You have started to help with chores.  You fold washrags, put your toys away, help unload the dishwasher, etc.  We started a chore chart for you and it's working so far!!!
  • We love you more than anything in the whole world!

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