Thursday, January 12, 2012

Two and a HALF!

Essie you are TWO and a HALF??? Are you kidding me. It's not possible.  We are loving you at this age. You are such a big girl and can hold conversations with us. You make us laugh constantly at your matter of fact ways and your literal-ness that you get from your Uncle Ryan. 

You are still Disney Princess obsessed. Majorly. You are already planning your Tangled birthday party.

When we tell you about something we are going to do you say "Oh I EXCITED!!!". This is my favorite right now.

You love our new house and want to invite everyone you know over to play in your new yellow room.

You are doing pretty good on potty go all day at school without accidents but it's a different story at home.

You love school but never want to go. Every day you say "No school, okay?" but then you are fine once you get there. You love your teachers and tell us you have "best friends". This makes my heart smile.

You started gymnastics and L.O.V.E. it!

You say "I lover" for "I love you".

You still say "I wanna hold you" when you want us to pick you up. I hope this doesn't change anytime soon.

You give a variety of different kisses...princess kisses, tinkerbell kisses, toodles kisses. They are all the best.

You ask to go to Branson alot...I guess you had fun when we went at Christmas.

You spell your name "E.S.E". but you tell everyone you are "Essie Care House". You know your mommy and daddy's real names and love to yell "Travis  House" at your daddy to get his attention.

You are TERRIFIED of anyone in costume.

We cannot believe you will be 3 in 6 months! It's pure craziness how fast you are growing and changing.  We love you more than anything...more and more each day!

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