Sunday, January 1, 2012

12 Goals for 2012...

I am determined to make 2012 a good year for here are my 12 goals for 2012!

1. Get settled. We've been unsettled for pretty much 2 years. I want to get our new house together, get rid of all our old junk, start fresh....

2. I saw this one over on Allison's it! Have 100 NO SPEND days where we spend absolutely nothing on those days! I'm going to make a little chart to put somewhere to keep up with this one for us. I'm very curious to see if we can do it!

3. Complete the potty training process with Essie...she does much better at school so I know it's our fault. We are honestly being lazy about it and we need to go full force and get her out of those pull ups.

4. Be a better friend.

5.  Read at least 3 books. The first one is sitting on my nightstand ready to go.."The Hunger Games". Yes I am late coming to the Hunger Games party but I am determined to get caught up before the movie comes out!

6. Find a church home.

7. Get caught up on Essie's photo books...create a blog book too!

8. Start new family traditions...Friday night movie night, Family Game night, etc.

9. Keep my car clean. It's always a mess-inside and out.

10. Do something nice/unexpected for/with my students more often. I have such a wonderful opportunity as a Kindergarten teacher to set them on the right path in education!

11. Get my wisdom teeth out...rediculous I know but I've been putting it off for years!

12. Get healthy. So cliche but I'm wanting to add onto our family in the near future and I need to be in better health to do it.

Those are my goals...I would love to accomplish them all...let's see how this year goes!

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Ashley said...

Love having your blogs again!! I really enjoy keeping up with you guys. Once you get your house set up I would love to come down and see it.

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