Friday, January 13, 2012

Our lil' Gymnast!

We went ahead and signed up for gymnastics...Essie loved it and has begged everyday to go back.  She was a TOTAL TURKEY the first class...running around like crazy, throwing fits, screaming, not listening.  We were very unsure about going back but after several SERIOUS talks about her behavior Essie assured us she would "listen to mommy and daddy".  She woke up this morning and said "'nastics today? Essie no run away. No scream. Sit on dot. Listen mommy/daddy".  So we gave it a second chance and she did AMAZING...200x better than last time. She sat on her dot perfectly, listened to the teacher, tried new things, and only threw a fit when it was time to leave. 

She did a backflip, several forward rolls, and walked across the balance beam all on her own! We were just bursting with pride.  She even went to the front of the class to do her forward roll...she got a little stuck and needed a little help getting over though. :) 

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