Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Holy smokes? I've not updated in almost TWO WEEKS? Life has been CRAZY at best. First of all...here are some pics of Essie's luau. She is loving "school" and never cries.

And here are some random pics from my cell phone:

Essie and her daddy eating sushi.

And some pics of my classroom on "Meet and Greet" night.

Today is my 2nd day of school...I am EXHAUSTED. Worn plum out. Kindergarten is a blast but it is very challenging. The first day was an eye opener.

We've also been looking at houses...we got word from our realtor that we could possibly expect an offer this week so we really need to decide on a house. We looked at 6 houses tonight (after my full day of kindergarten...yes I'm crazy) and have probably looked at nearly 40 all together. It's so hard. One of the houses we looked at today had a round turret (tower looking) front and Essie was convinced it was "Tangled home". She kept yelling "Rapunzel let down your haaaaair!". She was also afraid "Ever" (mother gothel) was inside and she wasn't so sure she wanted to go in! :)

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