Sunday, August 21, 2011

The Great Sassy Fairy Failure

Essie hasn't been taking her "sassy" at school all week and she's not shown much interest in it at home (except bedtime) so we thought yesterday we would do the "sassy fairy".  Last night we had Essie put all her sassies into a bag...

and take them outside to leave for the fairy.

She  did okay...fussed some but fell asleep decently. At 1 am she awoke in what looked like night terrors. She was flailing, kicking, screaming, flopping, hitting us. She was uncosolable. She wasn't letting us hold her or soothe her. I thought maybe letting her see her "big girl gift" the fairy left her would do the trick. So at one am we walked into the living room and onto the porch to find this...princess carriage and Belle doll. Her face was precious she was so excited. She played for a little bit and we allowed her to go back to bed with Belle.

She was MISERABLE. She flopped, flipped, moaned, cried, fussed. She complained about her tag in her gown, her bootie hurt, her hand hurt, her ear hurt, her hair hurt. She was just plain miserable.  She didn't ask for her sassy but it was evident she was having a very hard time coping without it. She was unable to rest and settle down. Around 2 am I gave in and gave it to her. Immediately she was still and fell right asleep.

I cannot watch my baby girl suffer and she is not ready to give up her comfort item yet. That's okay...we tried. She tried really hard too. She does pretty much only get it at night and only keeps it in her mouth until she falls asleep so we are okay with letting her have it for now.

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Alyssa said...

Isn't it funny how things backfire on us? Essie will give up her sassy on her own time. If she's not taking it at school and not much at home, it won't be long before she just gives it up herself.

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