Saturday, August 27, 2011

Essie's big day

Thursday night the tummy bug that was floating around Essie's school hit her hard. She was really not feeling well.
So sadly we cancelled our trip to Jonesboro for sweet Adalyn's birthday party. My parents were missing Essie badly so they came down to see her. They ended up taking her to my aunt Janet's house to visit so Travis and I could do some consigment shopping. E got to to jump on the trampoline for the first time! She was amazing!

We found some really cute finds at consignment too! I was tickled at our small loot!

Then tonight our little stinker found nailpolish, opened it and painted her own nails. Then asked me to paint her toes blue. I did then she proceeded to crawl across the toilet lid and leave blue streaks! Ahhh! Such a mess.

And we've had some exciting news in our house...Essie has started pee-peeing on the potty! We are so proud of her!

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