Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Duane's Syndrome

Today we took Essie to her eye appointment at Ark. Children's Hospital in Little Rock.  She was officially diagnosed with Duane's Syndrome.  Basically that means during her development her 3rd and 6th optic nerves crossed and fused together.  This prevents her from moving her left eye to the left.  So when she looks to the left her right eye moves over like it's supposed to and her left eye freezes in the middle.  This means she cannot see to the left.  There is nothing they can do for it and it will never go away or improve.  She will just have to adjust and adapt to it as she grows.  The only advice they gave us was to make sure she always sits on the left side of the classroom when she begins school.  That way she only has to look to the right! Her eyesight is good and this syndrome should not affect her life in any way.  She was sooooo good the whole time and I was so proud of her.  Travis' parents came down to eat lunch with us and wait with us at the hospital.  She was so happy to see them and wanted to go home with them.  We got to do a lil bit of shopping and went to dinner with Trav's sister as well.  Here are a few pics of our trip to ACH!!!


Jennifer said...

Interesting...never heared of it. None the less, still a sweet precious and beautiful little girl! Cute outfit and those shoes are so stinkin cute!

Carrie Allen said...

My husband has Duane's Syndrome. Neither of us has ever met anyone else with the condition. It must be extremely rare.

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