Saturday, November 6, 2010

conference champs, birthday party, and more

Friday night we headed to Batesville for the weekend.  We dropped Essie at my parents house and went headed over to the highschool to watch the conference championship game.  We both graduated from Batesville and Travis played football and baseball there and we take Pioneer football pretty seriously.  The game was so packed we literally parked a mile away from the field and they bused us to the game! ha! It was so packed there were no seats so we stood and FROZE the entire game.  It was a great game and the pioneers undefeated season and conference champs! wooohooo...they even had fireworks! It was so cold I didn't take any pictures unfortunately!

And then today we spent an hour online trying to get tickets to see Garth Brooks...he is having a benefit concert in Nashville in December and we were desperate to get tickets.  They were sold out within the first minute and were on ebay for 8,000 each within minutes! seriously! I was so disappointed but then they added several more shows and we finally ended up getting tickets to the Monday night show which is during my Christmas break so I don't even have to miss days! Then we got on Priceline and named our price and got 3 nights at the Sheraton for only 45 a will be a nice 7th anniversary trip for us!  Then Haley came over to play with Essie....

Travis and I ran to walmart and got a ton of Halloween items for 90% off! We bought like 15 costumes for $1 each! It was amazing! They will make a great dressup trunk for her! We got tinkerbell, Elmo, witch, cowgirl, batgirl, wonderwoman, etc.  We also got a ton of decorations...In all we spent 50 bucks but got 500 bucks worth of stuff.  Amazing!

And we headed over to the bowling alley for my bff's little girl (madelyn's) birthday.  We made the cake for it and thought it turned out pretty cute! The kids had a great time at the bowling alley...Essie was terrified of the dark though!

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Jennifer said...

Garth Brooks is the! I saw him way back in the early 90's

The cake is adorable!!! And, oh yeah, Travis looks great in red hair-ha!

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