Sunday, June 7, 2015

Charlotte "Lottie" Ann House

Even though we had many eventful days leading up to it, Lottie made her arrival on May 18th...a day after her due her scheduled time!  We arrived at Labor and Delivery at 9:30 that morning for surgery at 11:30. Essie wore her BIG SIS shirt and was so excited.  Mama was nervous of course.  We got hooked up, an IV started, and waited for go time. 

 Essie went to breakfast with Nana and Papa so they would not have to sit around and wait.  They arrived a little before 11:30. 

I was taken back to surgery not long after 11:30.  I walked into the OR myself and climbed on the table.  It was cold and scary in there and I was feeling very nervous.  I had to sit hunched over while the epi/spinal was inserted.  It took several tries and over 30 minutes to get it in.  Once it got in, my blood pressure dropped severely and I almost passed out.  I was laid back on the table and they began to prep me for surgery.  After awhile, Travis was allowed to come back and the doctor arrived.  It took longer than I remember but Lottie was soon pulled out.  She had had a bowel movement in utero so she had swallowed meconium so they pretty much just took her straight to the table to work on her.  She was screaming and crying but they had to suction out a lot of that gunky stuff and watch her breathing closely.  She was born at 12:23 pm, weighing 8 pounds 2 oz, and was 20 inches long. 

After a bit, Travis got to go over and see her and he brought her to show me.  Then he and Lottie headed down to the nursery to show off to everyone. I stayed in the OR and got sewn up and then was wheeled back down to my room for recovery.  After a bit, they brought Lottie in for skin to skin...which I LOVED.

After an hour, they let family come back to see her.  Essie could not wait to touch her. 

They then took Lottie for a bath and it was after that Essie could to hold her.  She became a baby hog and would not let anyone else touch or hold her at all. 

We had some sweet visitors that night.  I didn't sleep at all that night due to the incredible itching, leg compressor things, and nurse checks. 

The next day, I could not wait to get out of bed and shower.  That morning I was unhooked from all my gizmos (thankfully) and was able to get up.  Yaya got to come see her for the first time as well.

Wednesday morning, we were told we could go home early that morning so we got Lottie dressed in her going home outfit and headed home! 

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