Saturday, July 12, 2014

Essie's Saige Art Party

E chose to theme her school birthday party around her favorite American Girl doll Saige.  Since Saige likes to paint horses, we decided to have an art theme.

 I wanted to keep it simple since we were going all out for her big party at home.  I found cute, colorful, cheap tablecloths, hats, plates, and napkins at Target that fit perfectly.  I made an artist palette cake...I just simply baked two 12 inch round cakes and cut out a notch.  The inside of the cake was rainbow as well but I didn't get a picture of it. 

 We bought the cheap 2 pack 8x10 canvases and my dad drew horses on each one.  I bought washable paint and the kids got to choose their colors. 

 After everybody finished painting their canvases, it was cake time!  The kids sang Happy Birthday twice and Essie and her bestie Lexie blew out the candles. 

After cake it was time to open presents...E got so many cute things.  She is blessed to have such fun friends with thoughtful hearts! 

I think it turned out to be a sweet little party and we are sure going to miss her friends at Snugglebug as she starts kindergarten!

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