Sunday, July 20, 2014

A "Kinder-filled" day...

We had a very "Kindergarten" filled day this week.  First, we took Essie to her 5 year old/kindergarten physical.  She weighs 42 pounds and is 44 inches tall.  She gained 6 pound and 3.5 inches from last year's exam.  She did not pass her hearing screener but I think it may be due to her not fully participating.  Our school nurse will re-examine her again when school starts.

Afterwards we headed to target so we could school supply shop.  She thought this was a blast...I just think back to all the years I couldn't wait to have a little one to school supply shop with!  We got all her supplies and she is beyond excited now.

Then when we got home she found that she had gotten some mail! She received her invitation to our school's Kindergarten Camp!  I love that she will get to go with me this year!

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