Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Balloon Sinuplasty and Turbinate Reduction day 1 and 2

My purpose for writing this post is for anyone out there facing these procedures and are looking for information.  In the months leading up to my surgery I searched and searched for personal accounts of these surgeries with little to no luck.  So I am documenting my recovery for those who are searching!

Day 1: I got to the surgery center at 9 am for my 10:00 surgery.  We checked in, got in the gown, IV started, and answered a trillion questions.  I had to wash my face with castile soap  and then I laid in the preOp for hours waiting to go back.  After a bit the anesthesia guy came in and ordered me a "relaxer" to calm my nerves.  It had little effect beyond a soft calming, sleepy feeling.  I was not goofy or loopy as he had promised.  At about 11:30 my ENT came to the room to chat.  He gave us our instructions and explained exactly what he would be doing.  He also made a few digs at our dumb insurance for not covering the procedure in office and putting me through the whole "real surgery" experience.  At NOON I was wheeled back.  I remember being wheeled back, climbing on the narrow, cold surgical table, looking up and seeing the people above me and thinking I was on an episode of "Gray's Anatomy".  The anesthesia mask came on and I asked "Will this make me sleepy?" And that was it.  The next thing I remember is being in Recovery talking to Jan.  I had apparently been in there for 15 minutes talking with NO recollection of it.  I had apparently complained of a sore throat and she ordered me some Demoral? to take the pain.  Boy it made me dizzy and loopy and thirsty.  Soon my hubs came back and I was made to pee before we could get dressed.  We got dressed and they wheeled me to the car.  I have little recollection of the drive home.

Once I got home I went to bed and dozed off and on for a few hours.  I found it hard to sleep with the gauze moustache they made me wear.  After a bit I got up and tried to eat a granola bar and soup.   I stayed up the remainder of the day and sat in our recliner.  My nose was bleeding out one side quite a bit and down my throat as well.  We had to change my moustache every few hours.  I could breathe through my nose just fine and had very little pain.  I did take my Tylenol 3 every 4 hours as precaution though.

I went to bed super late and slept off and on all night.  I'd wake up every little bit due to the drainage or moustache.  I did sleep a little propped up with a few pillows so I wouldn't gag all night on the drainage.

Day 2: I woke up feeling like I was run over by a truck.  Every muscle in my back, arms, stomach are SO SORE.  I researched this and found it's due to the muscle relaxant they give you during surgery.  I feel like I have worked out like never before.  It hurts to move.  I have a sore throat and my nose is completely clogged now.  The bleeding has slowed and turned from bright red to pink.  I am having a lot of drainage in my throat that causes me to gag/cough it up.  Its bloody and has infection in it as well.  I have very little pain other than the sore muscles.  It's very hard to fight the urge to blow my nose.  I have serious cotton mouth today from only breathing through my mouth. 

Currently I am taking Tylenol 3 as needed, started Cephalexin antibiotic today, Saline spray 6 times a day as well as putting Neosporin inside my nose 3 times a day. 

I feel better than I expected for sure and hope that I continue to heal this way. 

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