Tuesday, February 4, 2014

She got holes

For years Essie has been torn between her desire for earrings and her fear of "holes".  She sees cute earrings everywhere we go and says "I'll get holes when I'm older and not scared."  We honestly had ZERO expectations for her to ever get them done.  She is a slight worrier...much like her momma.

 A few weeks back I ran to Target after picking her up and she announced "I wanna get holes tonight momma!"  She was very, very insistent on getting them.  I convinced her to wait til Saturday when we would be in Little Rock for the Big Buck Classic.  YaYa made her an appointment at Merle Norman when they would have two girls there to do it.

We started the day at the Big Buck Classic and she had a blast bow-shooting and jumping.  As the time drew near for us to leave and go to the jewelry store she began to get nervous.  We got there and she got to pick out her earrings...cute rainbow flower ones.  She then had to sit in the chair...on my lap and she immediately covered her ears with her hands and would not take them down.  After about 30 minutes of her "not being ready" I finally told them I would hold her arms down and to just do it.

She was sooooooo mad.  Bless her heart she cried and cried and cried.  I know it hurt and she was so upset with me.

Afterwards we went to get ice-cream and she finally cheered up and was so beyond thrilled with her new earrings.  She kept saying "I can't believe I got earrings!".  After that we went to the mall and bought several new packages of cute earrings.  She has done so awesome with them.  She can twirl them herself and lets us clean them without any trouble at all.  She's counting down the weeks until she can change them out now.

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