Thursday, June 21, 2012

A new school and father's day...

Essie started a new school last week.  She's been on the waiting list for awhile and her spot finally opened up! She goes 3 days a week right now but will be full time once fall comes around.  It's a preschool center in a home that is run by an amazing husband and wife.  They've done this for 30ish years and have such an amazing reputation.   Essie cried every single day at her old school.  It was a good school, just not consistent with teachers, etc.  Well Essie has not cried once at her new school.  She loves it and drop off is a breeze.  I think that speaks volumes.  Anyway, last week they had a father's day brunch. They sang songs and gave daddies a card.  It was precious.  I am so thankful lil priss is finally at a place she feels comfortable!

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