Saturday, June 16, 2012

Magic Kingdom...

We spent our last two days at the Magic was truly magical.  Thursday we got soaked to the saturated wet so we took a break and went to the hotel to dry off.  That night we went back to watch the fireworks and parade.  What a special night that was!  I unfortunately don't have any pictures from that because our camera was stolen Friday afternoon...with all our pictures on it! Yes, our brand new SLR that we saved up for...just gone and we were devastated.  But we do have the posed pics from Photopass thankfully to share.  Magic Kingdom was by far our favorite and we spent the first day riding rides and meeting princesses! It was a dream come true for my girl to meet Rapunzel and Merida! Our second day we rode rides the whole day and left out around 8 p.m....without our camera of course. Ugh.

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Jennifer said...

That is really sad about your camera :( sorry to read that. Looks like the girls had a wonderful time.

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