Wednesday, April 18, 2012

RedWolf Spring Game

This past weekend we went back to Jonesboro to ASU's Spring football game.  It was so nice to be back 'home" even though it was bittersweet. We drove past our old house and Essie bawled when she found out she couldn't go in.  We met up with our besties, Sarah, Matthew,  & Cooper at the game. They also came over to our hotel to swim and we went to dinner afterwards. 

I have also neglected to mention that we have had a MAJOR change in our house lately.  Travis got a new job! He hired on at the Arkansas Highway Department in the Surveys's the job he's always wanted and he's loving it so far! It also pays better...whooohooo!

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Jennifer said...

That is great about your husband's new job. Looks like things are happening at the House residents. Love Essie's easter pictures with the pink flowers in the background. Beautiful little girl ya'll have there.

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