Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Essie at 33 months...

Essie girl...you will be THREE in only THREE months...UNbelievable. I swear it was just last week we celebrated your two year birthday!

Here's what you are up to:
  • Most importantly...you are POTTY TRAINED! Right after spring break we put you in panties and you did it all on your own! You NEVER have accidents and you are just making us so proud!
  • You are still Princess Obsessed....
  • You love gymnastics and are really good at it! Your birthday party will be there this summer in fact!
  • You are so funny and dramatic. You constantly have us in stitches.
  • You call shampoo 'hairpoo", umbrella "hairbrella", and swimsuits "swim poops".
  • You have a best friend at school named Alyssa and you make plans to have her over to our house all the time.
  • You love books and want us to read to you every night.  You also "read" books on your own. 
  • You love to sing and dance. You love watching "Dancing with the Stars" and mimic all the moves. You sing the ABC's, "Crinkle lil star", You are my Sunshine, Happy Birthday, and many Princess songs!

1 comment:

Thumpers said...

Essie is so adorable and growing up so fast. Y'all are blessed !!!!!!

Hugs, Aunt Rosie

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