Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Weekend in Hot Springs

(I typed this up a few weeks ago and forgot to publish!!! ooops!~)

This past Friday morning Essie woke up with fever so her daddy took off work and took her to the doctor. She got two xrays (of her chest & her sinuses) and was diagnosed with a sinus infection.

Once I got home she was acting fine and her fever was gone so we headed on to Hot Springs to meet Trav's family for a weekend getaway in a cabin.  Our first thing to do was make pizzas for dinner...

Essie's fever came back that night and continued to spike up and down the whole weekend. If her fever was up she wanted NOTHING to do with anyone but me but if it was down she acted totally normal. 

Saturday morning it was a cool, drizzly day but we decided to go on an eagle tour boat ride across Lake Ouachita anyway.  Essie wasn't sure of the life vest but ended up dealing with it.  We saw 4 bald eagled and she was super excited about it..  We kept her bundled up (she had on one shrit, two jackets, her life vest, and a blanket) and she ended up falling asleep on my chest on the way back. 

That day we took a 3 hour nap and just enjoyed a relaxing evening.  The older kids entertained themselves by sliding up and down the bannister...Essie was jealous and just had to try it once. Travis' dad grilled burgers and we roasted marshamallows...

We had a really good time just being together and relaxing!

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