Sunday, February 5, 2012

sickness & the superbowl....

I have been SICK sick enough to miss and entire week of down and out for 8 whole days sick...two doctor's visits sick. I hate being sick and I feel like I missed a whole week of my life! But I'm better now and glad to be going back to work tomorrow! 

Just a quick update on my 2012 goals so far. I've lost 20 pounds since January 1st! Whoohooo! I am beginning to see the loss on myself and some of my pants are really loose.  The Biggest Loser competition is going well at work and we've lost a ton of weight as a group. I am nowhere near the lead but we still have over a month to go! The No Spend days aren't going that well but that's basically due to my hubbie eating lunch out everyday.  Once I convince him to bring his lunch we should start to rack those up too! Oh and one day at work a few weeks ago a mobile detail crew came around and I got my car detailed so it is absolutely spotless right now! I think we are doing well on my goals so far!

Tonight we had a small Superbowl gathering. Our friends Brittany and Tyler came over and we ate some rediculously unhealthy food and had a great time!  Essie loved sneaking spoonfuls of icing and practicing her "nastics" on her balance beam that she made out of foam puzzle pieces!

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