Sunday, September 4, 2011

a princess, a tummy bug, a few projects

So we have a real princess on our hands these days... she wants to wear her snow white consignment find quite often.  She wore it last weekend when we met up with Travis' family in Little Rock. Essie loved hangin with her big cousins!

Our house has been hit with the tummy bug full force. We got called from Essie's daycare Friday that she was sick and needed to be picked up. So Travis got her and by Saturday he was reallllly sick with it. Es and I spent the day making tents and cleaning.

Today Travis felt better thankfully! (Just hoping I'm not next to get the nasty bug). I made Essie a box dollhouse complete with doll bed. It's a Nutrigrain box and an Easy Mac box wrapped in red duct tape! hahah. 

Essie thought it was too short for Cinderella so i had to add another now it's an EXTRA long twin! She's played with it all night though! And she keeps climbing into her box and pretending to be "Alice" when she was stuck in the rabbit's house!

She got to pick out her own outfit today and she chose her new (consignment) fluff rockstar dress and new (consignment) pink cowboy boots. 

I've been cooking all day. I have made 3 tubs of hamburger meat for spaghetti, two of taco meat, three of shredded chicken, a  bag full of baked potatoes all for the freezer! I even made homemade mashed potatoes and beef stroganoff for dinner!

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