Friday, September 30, 2011

Essie. Essie. Essie.

I stopped doing Essie's monthly posts once she turned two..I couldn't imagine doing the whole "look who's 28 months today" mess anymore. But it makes me sad to not write about her special happening each month. So here is a little post all about Essie and what she's up to these days!

Essie Claire you are currently almost 27 months old! You weigh 26 pounds and you are 36 inches tall! You are such a growing girl and you amaze us constantly.

You love daycare. This makes momma and daddy very happy. You have become so independent and social since you started! You have a "boyfriend" Jack and you tell us each day who you played with outside. Your teachers tell us you love to slide and that you are very funny at school.

You love to sing. Right now you sing "ABC's" and "Twinkle Twinkle" pretty much exclusively! You quite often combine the two in fact!

You love to hear us read bedtime stories. You even have started to "read" them to us and you are so good at making up words to the books when you don't know the real words!

You are sooooo dang funny. We laugh at you all the darn time. Last night I was applying medicine to your eye (you were fighting it) so I said "Essie Claire. What did the doctor say?". Your matter of fact, innocent response was "No more Monkeys jumping on the bed!". :)

You love to dress up and want a dress that twirls out when you spin. You give every single dress a "spin test" and get quite upset if the dress doesn't flare out!

You can count to 15.

You have been sassy free for a month or so now. You never mention your sassy or the sassy monkey unless you meet a new stranger. Then for some odd reason you insist on telling them "the monkey took my sassy." Your teeth have completely changed since you stopped taking the look like such a big girl!

You love to play on our cell phones and can work them completely on your amaze us!

You say "I wanna hold you" when you want us to pick you up. I hope you don't change this anytime soon.

You are beginning to develop fears. You say "I scared Razorbacks" and "I scared beeeitches" (witches). You saw a big blowup Razorback that frightened you one day and a witch at a parade. Although you are afraid of the Razorbacks you can really call those hogs!

You say "oh sorry" all the time. If you think you've done something wrong you always say it.

You are beginning to clean up after yourself really well. Thank you daycare.

You love to say "MINE!" and "Stop It!" Thank you daycare.

You pee-pee on the potty consistently!

You eat fresh apples for breakfast every single morning and you love "donut friday". The other day you asked if it was "Donut friday". We said no so you said "okay, popcorn Saturday?!" haha.

You are the center of our world and we love you so very much!

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