Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Can You Tell Me How to Get...

how to get....to Essie's 2nd Birthday Party???!!!

Today we had Essie's 2nd birthday party at Kindermusik. She loves Kindermusik and I loved the idea of someone else "running the show" for me! We chose to do a Sesame Street theme and I've been working the last several months on getting it ready and planned. Our life has been consumed with all things Sesame Street and Elmo since she was about 7 months old. She's starting to move away from Sesame Street and gravitate toward Princesses but I'm so glad we got to celebrate the Sesame Street Season of our life. I had a ton of fun with this party and I could've done so much more but time didn't allow it.

At Kindermusik there is a side room set up for parties that we got to decorate.  Travis' sister (Aunt Yaya) made the super cute cake. Aren't the characters just adorable?

 The Food Table: We served Oscar's DirtCake, Elmo's Goldfish, Big Bird's Teddy Bears, Counts 2s (jello jigglers), Abby's Wands (chocolate pretzels), Rosita's Mexican Layer Dip, Telly's Triangle Chips, Cookies Cookies, Bert & Ernie's PB& J Duckies. We found wooden pieces at Hobby Lobby to make the Sesame Street Lamp-posts and I used Photoshop to make the food tags.  I used wrapping paper from Target as my table runner and we made a banner using my Promethean (smartboard) at school.  I also made a banner using her monthly pictures and strung it along the table front. 

The gift table: I made a collage print of pics of essie and Elmo throughout the last two years. We also had guests sign the Little Goldenbook "The Monster at the end of this book".

 On the "eatin" table: I made gift bags to resemble the characters by cutting paper and gluing it to the fronts.  Each gift bag held an Elmo or Cookie Monster apron (made by the hubster), goldfish crackers, m&m's, an Elmo ring, and party blower thingy.  Each kiddo had a personalized Sesame Street Lamp-post place setting as well.

Mrs. Mac had planned an hour full of fun Sesame Street activities with the kids. They played drums in Elmo's marching band, played with scarves, bilibos, parachutes, stickhorses, etc. It was all set to Sesame Street songs! She even read an Elmo book that Essie loved! The kids had  a blast and were worn out!

 After that it was time to EAT, blow out candles, and cut the cake!!!

After that Essie got to open all her presents!

After the party she crashed and took a MUCH NEEDED 3 hour nap! Thank you so much to all who came and spent their Saturday with us celebrating!


Allison said...

Aww happy birthday to Essie! And, um, I can't believe I've been following your blog for over 2 years now, I guess! It seems like she was just born!

MakeLifeDelicious.com said...

Such cute decorations and food ideas! Where did you get your daughter's outfit? It's adorable!

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