Thursday, July 14, 2011

2 Year Old Checkup and Stats

Today I took Essie to her 24 month checkup! They had to prick her finger to get her iron/lead levels. She giggled during that part!  She was also behind on her HepA shots so she got one shot which she did NOT giggle at.  It was awful. But she quickly got happy again when she realized she was getting a sucker and sticker.  She said she wanted a Snow White sticker and by chance she got exactly what she wanted! The DR said she looked great...we are really going to miss him once we move! 

She weighed 25 pounds (45th percentile).
She is 34.5 inches long (75th)
Her head is 19 inches (75th)

She gained 5 pounds and 5 inches from her 1 year checkup!

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