Tuesday, November 27, 2007

The Nutcracker!

Today all of first grade went on a field trip to see the nutcracker. It was my first time seeing it and I absolutely loved it! I really enjoyed watching my kiddos' reaction to the performance. Most of my students have never been to the ballet and will probably never go again. So this was a once in a lifetime thing for them. Their faces were priceless...they were mesmerized! We also took all eight (yes eight) classes to eat at Cici's Pizza for lunch. What an experience that was! They were totally pumped about it. It's neat to see them outside the classroom environment...to just hang out. It was a great way to spend an otherwise dull Tuesday. Only 3 weeks until Christmas Break!

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Our Thanksgiving!

We had an insanely busy Thanksgiving. We got to Batesville Wednesday night and visited for awhile with my parents. Then Thursday we had the traditional Thanksgiving meal. That night me, Travis, mom, and Tammy went to play Bingo. We had a blast! I won $100 and mom won $20. I also ran into my best friend from high school Linda Le. We had such a nice visit. It had been almost eight years since we actually visited with each other. I've missed her so much! Friday morning we got up before 4:00 am to do Black Friday shopping (which is totally against all that I believe in). But we ended up having a great time. We got home around 10:00 that morning insanely exhausted. After a short nap we headed to Little Rock to visit with Travis' family. We went shopping down there some more and had a nice meal with his parents, sister, brother, niece & nephew. We had planned to head home Saturday afternoon but time slipped by so we ended up staying that night as well. Besides, the kiddos wanted to play Wii some more before they had to leave. So we headed home today. We had planned for a nice relaxing evening. However, when we got home we had a message from some guy wanting to tour our house. So we had to rush around get the house in "showing" condition. We've cleaned out the closets, cabinets, pantry, etc. We're still not through so I've got to get busy. So hopefully we'll have a successful house showing tomorrow! Here are a few pics of our busy Thanksgiving break!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

My "day off"

Well...I had hoped to have a lazy day for my day off-play some Wii, relax, watch some t.v. However, that's not exactly how it's been. I got up, ran to the bank to deposit what was left of our yard sale money (some ones & $41.00 in change to be exact). Then I had to go to my least favorite place in the world...the DMV to get my tags renewed. Got there, take a number, and have a seat please. 25 minutes later 103...Oh! That's me! Go to the window-got all my stuff ready. The assessor's office was supposed to fax over my receipt this morning and of course it's not there. Call the assessor's office AGAIN. Wait another 10 minutes. Finally the fax arrives and I'm out the door. Then off to Old Navy to exchange a shirt. Then I met Travis at Tropical Smoothie for lunch-YUM! Back home to clean and pack us for our Thanksgiving traveling. So I have been putting away mountains of laundry, packing, and cleaning for the last few hours. I'm taking a break now so hopefully I can finish up and play a game or two of Wii before Travis gets home and we hit the road! Love that Wii! :) Here's a picture of Tucker helping me fold laundry and pack!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Ahhh...Thanksgiving Break!

Well...it's finally here! Thanksgiving Break ! I am off work for the next three days...Travis is off Thursday and Friday. We're heading to Batesville tomorrow night to spend time with my folks. Then we're off to Little Rock Friday night to spend time with Travis' parents. The joy of having parents in two different towns...we spend the majority of our time traveling between the two during holidays. Oh well...I am excited to see everyone and have some time off!

Monday, November 19, 2007

Christmas Spirit

Well, we're finally getting in the Christmas spirit. We've almost completed all our shopping, we've wrapped the presents, put up the tree, and are going to be working on the yard tonight. I love, love, love, our tree this year. We went with a black and white theme. I found this great black and white plaid paper at Hobby Lobby and that inspired me for my color scheme. I added a few red ornaments for some color...it reminds me of our wedding! Today at school my kiddos were completing a few Thanksgiving art projects so I put on a Christmas CD. They were so pumped! So tomorrow I'm putting up my tree in my classroom! Yay, Christmas!

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Our Weekend!

What a great weekend! Travis went hunting with his dad in Dewitt so mom, Tammy, and Haley came down to spend the weekend with me. We did a ton of Christmas shopping, went to Build a Bear and Chuck E. Cheese and had a great time. Haley is so pumped about Christmas coming up-she says it's "her birthday" because she knows she is getting presents. I guess anytime she gets gifts is her birthday. She was such a help wrapping presents. She "wrote" Travis' name on all his tags for me. She was able to write the T and then hoho. Very cute kid!
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