Thursday, April 9, 2015

34 Weeks and Bed Rest

Well last week we had our first trip to Labor and Delivery.  At this point with E I had been several times but we have managed to avoid it so far this go around.  After we went back to work after Spring break, that Monday I began to have a lot of pain.  It got worse as the day progressed and I was having what I thought were contractions quite often.  By the end of the day I could barely walk and called Travis to come home.  The DR advised us to go up to the hospital to get monitored.  I wish I could say it was a lovely experience but it wasn't. I honestly expected to hear I had kidney stones and be sent on our way after an hour or so.  Unfortunately that wasn't the case and we were there for over 5 hours.  I was indeed having contractions...a lot of them in fact.  They gave me fluids by IV and got the contractions to slow down enough to go home.  I was ordered on bedrest until my scheduled appointment Thursday.  So I spent the next 3 days lounging.  Thursday we went back to the doc and she did an ultrasound.  Lottie weighs in around 5 pounds 6 ounces and we were given the opportunity to try again to work.  I could go back to work as long as the contractions didn't return.  So Friday I went back to work...the day started off okay but by lunch was hurting pretty badly.  By the end of the day I was in a lot of pain and it took about 4 and half hours to get the contractions to slow down.  We were timing them at anywhere from 3 to 12 minutes apart.  So I am off work the remainder of my pregnancy and we are having to adapt to a "new" normal.  The hardest part so far has been telling Essie I wouldn't be at school with her every day and accepting that I will miss out on a lot of things.  But it will all be worth it in the end when lil Lottie arrives...hopefully closer to her due date. 

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