Sunday, November 9, 2014

13 weeks...

So we are at 13 weeks still doesn't feel "real".  Second time around has definitely been different...with E pregnancy was all I could think/talk about and this time around it's more in the back of my mind.  We did get to go to my check-up and get an ultrasound.  Essie got to go with us and our doctor was soooo great with her and explained every single step.  We saw baby wiggle and flip and Essie swears she saw the baby smile and wave at her! His/her little hands were right up by it's face the whole time.  Our next appointment is in 5 weeks and we will know the gender!

Here is baby!!!  Heartrate was 161...I have thought BOY all along but that heartrate made us think...hmmm. 

This week baby has grown into the size of a peach.  I'm still slowly starting to feel better.  I've cooked at home most nights and don't feel as nauseous/wiped out most days.  I def feel preggo these days and am having the use the ole rubberband trick with my pants now! I'm just now quite ready to bust out the maternity clothes just yet! :)

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