Saturday, April 5, 2014

Update on the ole sinuses

It's be 12 days since my sinus surgery.  I went back 2 days ago to my ENT for my post-op follow up.  I did find out he did remove a bone spur and straighten my septum a bit.  My recovery has been fairly easy.  I've had a lot of drainage (mainly down my throat) and am stuffy a lil at times.  It took a week to get my stamina back up for sure.  But what I've been amazed it how I've not had the pressure or headaches.  In the last 12 days I've had a few minor headaches that went away immediately with tylenol.  Before surgery I would have sinus headaches almost daily...they would last all day and be miserable.  I can also breathe through my nose really, really well.  I cannot believe how I was used to not breathing well!  I'm very pleased I did the surgery.  It was not bad at all and I can already tell a difference.  I hope that it stays this way for sure.  I go back in 6 weeks for another follow up!

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