Sunday, January 5, 2014

4 and a half

Essie how is it that you are FOUR and a will be 5 in 6 months!  U.N.B.E.L.I.E.V.A.B.L.E!!!

 I will be registering you for kindergarten in just a few months...even though I am secretly thrilled to my core about you being in kindergarten with me, it makes me super sad as well.  You are growing up so quickly.

Anyways...this is what's going on with you...

  • You are very independent in some ways...especially when it comes to getting dressed.  You will NOT wear pants, leggings, tights or anything along those lines.  Even when it's 40 below zero you will wear a skirt, or tank top.  We have to force you to wear tall socks or legwarmers.
  • You are still obsessed with princesses...mostly Elsa and Anna from Frozen.  You are already planning your Frozen birthday party.  

  • You love playing babies, Barbies, and dolls.
  • You love all things tiny...small toys especially.
  • You are very social and love making new friends.  It makes me so happy to see you able to approach new people without being intimidated.

  • You love to sing...we seriously need to get you a karaoke machine.  You sing along to Frozen soundtrack everyday in the car.
  • You are a super picky eater.  
  • You want to go to Branson....a lot...and DisneyWorld.

  • You have started enjoying going to church.
  • You are a bit of a worrier.
  • You are terrified of bugs and most animals.
  • You just graduated to a big girl booster seat and you are so proud.
  • You are obsessed with art right love to draw and write.
  • You beg us for a brother or sister all the time.
  • You are the love of our lives...we cannot wait to see what the year has in store for you!

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