Thursday, September 12, 2013

Soccer Girl

Essie was very insistent on NOT doing dance/recital again this year.  So we chose to sign her up for soccer instead.  One of her good friends, Lexie was signing up too so we thought we would try to get on the same team.  We did get on the same team and had our first practice/game last week.  We will have practice every Wednesday and games every Saturday for the next 10 weeks.

She wasn't so sure about it at first.  She did not like the kids taking the ball from her or pushing her to get the ball.  She got her feelings hurt and ran off the field crying quite a bit.  During her game the other team was creaming us so badly they had their kids stand still so our girls could score.  She got to run the ball in and kick a goal...she was the proudest kid ever!

I think soccer is a pretty good fit for Essie...she likes running around and loves kicking goals.  We just have to work on her dealing with the opposing team and her feeling proud/happy for her teammates when they kick a goal instead of being sad it wasn't her!

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