Saturday, May 4, 2013

Fishing and Toad Suck

Essie got to go fishing for the first time ever last week.  My dad's company was supposed to host a fishing derby for kids but the bad weather cancelled it.  We decided to go ahead and hit the stocked pond anyway.  Essie was not a fan of fishing but she did enjoy seeing the ones everyone else caught.

This weekend our friends Sarah, Matthew, and Cooper came in from Jonesboro! It was so good to see them and it just makes us feel at home when they are here. Essie was so excited she asked every few minutes if they were here yet. She and Cooper had fun Friday night playing until late.

Today we had planned to go to Toad Suck but the weather again got in our way. We ate breakfast at Bobs and hid out at Jump Zone until it stopped raining. We did go back and enjoy the festival activities even though it was COOOOOOOLD and wet. 

Just for fun here is a picture of Essie last year and this year!

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