Monday, April 15, 2013

Backyard Makeover part 1

Every spare moment he had, the Hubs has been outside in the backyard working his bootie off.  When we moved into the house, it was December so we just put up a temporary fence to get us by.  Travis has been working to get our permanent fence up.  Since the back of our yard was lined by trees and an open field with no immediate neighbors, we wanted an open air fence. This past winter, we lost alot of the trees along the fence line and so he has had to do alot of clean-up. Along with the fence building, he has installed a compost barrel and two rain barrels.  He is also building several raised beds for a small veggie garden.  Our flowerbeds need majorly cleaned out as well.  It will be a long process but we cannot wait to have our backyard looking good again. Essie loves being outside with her daddy and helping him in the yard.
Although our house in only 7 years old, our A/C unit needed completely replaced.  So a few weeks back we had a new one installed.  In addition to our A/C unit going out, our lawnmower and grill also bit the dust...when it rains it pours!

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