Monday, February 25, 2013

Life Right Now...

You know that feeling you get when you think your heart will just explode if you get any happier? Yeah...that's how life is for us most days right now.  Essie spends her days making us laugh, testing our patience, proclaiming her love for us, and begging to sleep in our bed. 

My favorite time of day is at the dinner table each night.  We of course ask Essie about her day and she often reciprocates with "Daddy...did you have a good day at your work?".

She loves to help us and this evening she rushed out to the garage to grab her "screwer" so she could help daddy hang the giant ruler we just got!  We've started rewarding her with stickers for good behavior and chores and it's working like a charm.  She will do ANYThing for a sticker! :)

We have quiet the artist...she came home today with a picture of her bff Camryn, Camryn's mom, me, her, and "daddy as a baby".  She also wrote letters to disneyworld the other day...she wrote one to Ariel and one to Rapunzel & Eugene!

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