Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Under the Sea Halloween!

When Essie chose Ariel as her costume this year I knew we had to get all decked out in fun gear as well.  Travis dressed as "King Tritan" and I as Ursula.  Our costumes were super cheap and easy to make.  
For King Tritan, we ordered a "Situation" muscle shirt from Ebay.  They sent the wrong size so he was squeezed in it!  I bought some shimmery fabric from Hobby Lobby and he made a quick skirt/fin from it!  Then we cut wrist cuffs and a crown from sparkle foam.  We topped that off with a $5 wig from Walmart and a devil pitchfork that we painted gold.  Total cost for "king tritan" was under $20 and we got the $10 refunded for us for the shirt messup too! 

For Ursula, I had a purple shirt already.  I found this dress at Maurices for $7 bucks too!  I teased and sprayed my hair to the most unacceptable point and then sprayed with white hairspray from walmart.  I found that the hair color spray that is designed for dogs worked waaaay better too.  Random...I know.  I bought the cheapest red lipstick possible and had the blue eyeshadow already.  The gold shell necklace I found at Goodwill for $3 bucks!  For my tentacles I stuffed cheap black panty hose with fiberfill.  I got the $1 pair at walmart.  I didn't like how they looked so I didn't wear them for trick or treat.  I think I could've come up with another idea for those!  Total cost for Ursula: $18 bucks. 

For little miss Ariel....we didn't take the cheap route.  I love the way the dresses from Disney Store fit and the quality is unmatched.  We ordered her dress from Disney online and got the wig from Target.  Her bag I made from a cheap white canvas tote from Hobby lobby and hot glued felt shells and tulle skirt on it.  I added detail with puffy paint! 

Overall this was the most fun we've had at Halloween!  We got sooooo many compliments and people were stopping us to take pictures while trick or treating! ;)

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