Sunday, March 25, 2012

Spring "Break"...whew

We had a CrAzY busy and eventful spring break...after work last Friday we went down to Batesville to visit my parents.  We hadn't been down since Christmas so Essie was super pumped and had a blast.

Then we brought my niece Haley back home with us to spend a few nights. While she was here we crammed as much into our days as we could.

Sunday night we watched movies

Monday we went to WonderPlace, lunch at Purple Cow, and to the park for a picnic dinner.

Tuesday we went to the Jumpzone, lunch at McAlisters, and PlayWorld Pizza for dinner.

Wednesday I met Nana halfway so Haley could go back home and Essie and I took a long, much needed nap that day!

Thursday we drove to Little Rock to meet Sarah & Cooper and we went to the zoo and lunch!  Then Essie went home with Travis' parents so we could go to the midnight showing of The Hunger Games. It was so gooood and we didn't get home until 3 am.

Friday  we ran errands, shopped for Easter baskets, and cleaned house.

Saturday morning we drove back to Little Rock to meet Trav's parents to get Essie back and then came back to go to one of my students' birthday parties!


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